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  1. jimmybohm

    HMI VNC Client

    Thank you very much.
  2. jimmybohm

    HMI VNC Client

    Gday, I would like HMI's to be a client, and my RPi to be server. I have two GMT CNT HMI's TSG-070E GOP43-070ET Will this work on both of these devices? yes/no
  3. Do you speak English? Can I ask how your C# program went? Or for an example/copy?
  4. Notes I have gathered on telnet so far; run telnet open <IP address>:23 password: 1234 info returns Sysclock, Revision#, Loader#, Firmware#, User App#, Run Stat, Name, WMI Stat USB Stat PLC Model, WMI Host CPU Freq cfgsrv returns WMI Host with port program enable <#####> <##########> <User App> starts TCP Communications
  5. Or a list of telnet commands?
  6. Is there maybe a list of the WMI commands?
  7. Hello, I'm looking for the smallest way to upload and download project files to a GMT CNT plc. I'd like to download & upload files (.gpf & firmware), over a local network, to a GLC-496R, autonomously. For example, with command line or terminal. Or a very small executable. Or utilizing the local web server.
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