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  1. Hi , I am have project with P16 Led panels ,i need to add Arduino mega and modbus to be able to connect with PLC and show on LED any number that send to Led panel trough rs232 com port on PLC . I am use P10 Led panels for selfservice carwash project .
  2. mitko-virlios


    Hi , I am look in manual have a wifi conection from new HMI TGS ,me question is TGS HMi have hardware WiFi module installed or need to add WiFi dongle on usb port ?
  3. I am upload old Enda software all old version for plc . https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7151b793867647d13dea0df1850b0f9c20190821111241/fd6e19d124d62f4f38a8b225645416be20190821111241/166f16 You are welcome . Regards Mitko
  4. yes i am have send me your email.also i am have new modules ENDA
  5. HI , I am solved simular problems with me old project with ENDA plc .Do you have old ENDA version software ?If not while send to you .And DO NOT UPLOADE firmware . Also i am have a new PLC and module from ENDA .Me email mitko@virlios.net Mitko Macedonia
  6. Mini plc while have a comunication rs485 port for modbus connection for other units?
  7. Do you work on comunication module for mini PLC ?
  8. Downloaded file is demaged ,I am download from your web site but in turkish ,english download driver is not work .
  9. Hanifi , You have wrong link for usb driver
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