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  1. I am upload old Enda software all old version for plc . https://wetransfer.com/downloads/7151b793867647d13dea0df1850b0f9c20190821111241/fd6e19d124d62f4f38a8b225645416be20190821111241/166f16 You are welcome . Regards Mitko
  2. yes i am have send me your email.also i am have new modules ENDA
  3. HI , I am solved simular problems with me old project with ENDA plc .Do you have old ENDA version software ?If not while send to you .And DO NOT UPLOADE firmware . Also i am have a new PLC and module from ENDA .Me email mitko@virlios.net Mitko Macedonia
  4. Mini plc while have a comunication rs485 port for modbus connection for other units?
  5. Do you work on comunication module for mini PLC ?
  6. Downloaded file is demaged ,I am download from your web site but in turkish ,english download driver is not work .
  7. Hanifi , You have wrong link for usb driver
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